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FroYo XPress is more than just frozen yogurt. We leverage the fundamental concept of autonomously dispensing food and beverages to increase affordability and accessibility of food.

By automating retail food and beverage dispensing, FroYo XPress will make nourishment cheaper and more accessible to current consumers, and in the long term, will allow lower income consumers to have access to food that they never had access to before.

Technology brings retail infrastructure to a turning point, as our ideas of automation finally have the resources to be brought to market.

Our mission is to engage food and beverage retailers with the future of digitized business, while making food and beverage highly accessible and more affordable to consumers of all kinds.

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Our Product


Our frozen yogurt is made with the best ingredients. Dairy-free, 100% all natural, and a great snack.

Highly Accessible

The kiosk can be placed anywhere! All we need are some basic utilities to get started.

Self-Service Experience

Our kiosk is very intuitive! Users simply can swipe, pour, and enjoy for the best experience.

Made with love

Our team has been working hard for years. We're willing to work with you for the best arrangement for you.

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If you love froyo as much as we do, don't forget to check back on our website when we open locations.

If you're a consumer, talk to us more about how we can set you up with your next best venture.

If you're an investor, please send us a message! We'd love to talk more about any partnerships.

Meet Our Team!

FroYo XPress is composed of passionate, dedicated students at Purdue University. We met our freshman year in the Entrepreneurship Learning Community, and have been working together since.

Marek Davis

Co-Founder. Industrial Engineering. Indiana.

Aarti Panda

Co-Founder. Computer Science. California.

Henry Berkemeier

Co-Founder. Industrial Engineering. Michigan.

Our Advisors

Purdue professors, Purdue Foundry, SV Entrepreneurs.

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Ready to install a FroYo XPress machine near you? That's great! Send us an email, and we can set up an initial site assessment and sales quotation.